Refine your skills, find your peers, build your network, write your story. RACCONTI.

Under the label RACCONTI, IDM runs a script development program, aimed specifically at screen writers working in the Italian and German-speaking markets.

Its flagship is the RACCONTI | IDM Script Lab: a script development program and advanced training initiative in English for professional screenwriters who want to develop projects and refine their skills with the help of international experts and in creative collaboration with colleagues from other countries.

This cross-cultural aspect is as essential to the program as the changing focus on different genres and the challenge we set ourselves: to improve storytelling by exploring new working methods. Over the course of five years RACCONTI has adapted to commercial trends and shifted from the development of feature and TV films to TV series. Over the last three years writers have collaborated together in a Writers‘ Room in various constellations, in partnership with production companies from Italy and Germany and under the guidance of consultants from the UK and the US.

We aim to train and bring together talents who want to create stories beyond the confines of their national markets. In order to foster creative partnerships between the writers on a long-term basis we have established the RACCONTI Alumni network.

As a training initiative, rooted in a territory, the RACCONTI program is growing with special consideration to its own cultural diversity: Since 2015 two new branches of the program have been set up, especially targeted to local writers: the RACCONTI Local Talent | IDM Mentoring Program and the RACCONTI Local Plus | IDM Short Film Program share the same mission as its flagship with the specific goal to help talented local writers break into the industry.