Application Guidelines


Candidates are requested to fill out the registration form completely and accurately and to send it to IDM electronically, together with the rest of the application material. It is only possible to apply for ONE section of the program. Applications sent by post or via e-mail will not be accepted.

Application Documents

Please submit the following application material which varies for each section.

Writers’ Room-section in cooperation with FFP New Media:

Applicants shall submit:

– A CV and filmography/or list of transmedia projects:  2 pages max.
– A letter of motivation:  1 page max.
The letter should indicate why the writer wants to participate in the RACCONTI IDM Script Lab in the Writers’ Room as a staff writer, taking the following aspects into consideration: the Writers’ Room approach, the applicant’s ability to work as a staff writer, and the cross-cultural aspect of RACCONTI.

– A short essay that refers to the theme of the series:

Please write about: “What is the biggest threat to humanity?” AND/OR “What would you do if you had to save the world?”  2 pages max.
– A relevant work sample ( 20 pages max.): preferably a screenplay of an episode of a TV series, alternatively, a TV series concept or a screenplay for a feature film. Transmedia writers and designers should submit a transmedia concept or game concept (only one work sample is accepted).

Mentoring-section „High Concept, Low Budget“:

Applicants shall submit:

– The proposal of the TV series: 12 pages max.

It should contain

  • A logline
  • The theme
  • The genre and format
  • A description of the world of the series
  • A description of the main characters
  • A short summary of the pilot episode
  • A short summary of the story arc for the 1st season
  • A writer’s note

– A CV & filmography: 2 pages max.
– A relevant work sample: 10 pages max. – can be an excerpt from a screenplay for a TV series or a feature film (only one work sample admitted).


All application material must be submitted in English. Since the working language in the Writers’ Room and in the Mentoring-Section will be English, excellent English skills are required.


The application deadline is 16th January, 2017 (midnight).

Project Partner of the Writers’ Room-section

The project partner of the Writers’ Room-section for the 6th RACCONTI IDM Script Lab is the German production company FFP New Media GmbH.

Please note, that in the Writers’ Room-section our project partner is responsible for the final selection of participating staff writers and for compensating these writers at an industry-standard rate.

Experts of the Mentoring-section

The experts of the Mentoring-section are story consultant John Yorke who will guide the development process and producers Maria Feldman and Harold Valentin who will each mentor two projects from a strategic point of view.

Selection Process

IDM will send all candidates an acknowledgment of receipt for the application documents, which will then be formally reviewed. Applications which do not meet the specified requirements will not be accepted.

Selection for the Writers’ Room-section in cooperation with FFP New Media:

The production company will invite a pre-selection of candidates to interviews in Mid-February, 2017 in Berlin.

IDM will inform the writers invited to interviews by the beginning of February. The producers in charge at FFP New Media will conduct these interviews together with the head writer of the Writers’ Room, Christian Jeltsch.
Following this process, the production company will select the staff writers who will then be invited by IDM to participate in the RACCONTI IDM Script Lab #6. The criteria for selection are the professional and creative aptitude of the individual writers and the composition of the participants for the Writers‘ Room. Reasons for selection or non-selection will not be disclosed.

Selection for the Mentoring-section “High Concept, Low Budget”:

An expert jury will select the four best proposals that are most convincing in terms of the specific challenge of this call. The jury consists of five TV series experts from different fields, backgrounds and markets, in order to test the proposal’s quality and originality as well as its international appeal. Our jurors are: Pascal Breton, founder & CEO of Federation Entertainment, based in Paris, Sarah Brown, head of drama at STV Productions, based in London/Glasgow, David Schalko (“Braunschlag”), screenwriter, director and producer, based in Vienna, Anna Winger (“Deutschland 83”), screenwriter based in Berlin, and Michele Zatta, executive at RAI Fiction, based in Rome.

Reasons for selection or non-selection will not be disclosed.

Notification of Participants

IDM will notify the candidates who are being invited to participate in the RACCONTI IDM Script Lab #6 Mentoring-section until February 27, 2017 and the candidates who are being invited to participate in the Writers’ Room until March 15, 2017.

Participation in the RACCONTI IDM Script Lab #6

The selected participants of both sections will be invited to participate in the RACCONTI IDM Script Lab. The Script Lab comprises two one-week sessions, which will take place in South Tyrol and will be organized exclusively for the participants. Session 1 takes place from May 1-7, session 2 from June 12-18, 2017

Both sections of the program take place at the same time. Guest lectures by renowned experts on television series will be held for all participants in the big group and will conclude the sessions.

Between and after these sessions participants of both sections will be working on their project/s, accompanied by online-consultations. The results of both sections are expected to be reached by September, 2017.

Alternative Participants

If one of the selected writers is not able to participate in one of the sections of the RACCONTI IDM Script Lab #6, the creative team of the Writers’ Room-section or the jury of the “High Concept, Low Budget”-section will select another writer to take their place.

Closing Event

Following the writing phase after the second session an industry event will conclude the RACCONTI program. This event, yet to be announced, is dedicated especially to the participants of the “High Concept, Low-Budget”-section whose projects will be presented to an exclusive circle of producers. It is therefore expected that these writers will be present at the event. Writers of the other section are just as welcome to make use of the networking opportunities that IDM will provide at this event.


The objective of the RACCONTI #6 program, organized by IDM Südtirol / Alto Adige, is to foster talented writers from Italian and German speaking regions and to help them develop high-quality stories that are suitable to be realized as European co-productions and can reach international audiences. The focus of the workshop will be on TV series, the motto of the program being “TV for Tomorrow”. In 2017, in one section the innovative Writers‘ Room method will be practically taught through the development work. In the other section writers will be trained and supported to develop and pitch a series that meets a current demand of the market (“High Concept – Low Budget”). The participation of international writers and experts and the collaboration with the internationally renowned production company FFP New Media will increase the likelihood of film productions coming to the region, thereby contributing to the advancement of the film infrastructure of the region. The RACCONTI initiative is designed to promote the development of the local film industry and of South Tyrol as a film location in the long term.