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Call for staff writers

Together with our partner, the production company FFP New Media we are launching a call for writers who want to join the Writers’ Room as staff writers to collaborate in the development process of a TV series with a cross platform narrative under the guidance of renowned and award-winning German screenwriter Christian Jeltsch (“Tatort”).

We are looking for professional and emerging screenwriters as well as transmedia writers, designers & producers who will be working together on a project that spans TV and the web. Candidates should be open-minded, curious and ready to step into a new world with us – in terms of story and storytelling. An affinity for the genre – a conspiracy thrilleris helpful, but it is more important to bring your own worldview to this project and to let it be challenged in the Writers’ Room. Writers should be open and motivated to working with other writers and creatives from German and Italian-speaking countries and with us as a production company, towards the goal of developing a high quality concept for a TV series with a cross platform narrative for an international audience.

Excellent English skills, a team spirit and the willingness to work in an international environment with writers, designers and producers are absolute musts for both positions.

FFP New Media will compensate participating staff writers for their work at standard industry rates.

Writer Christian Jeltsch on the project

Mankind is close to collapsing. Not climate change, but mankind itself is the problem. More specifically, people’s brains, which can’t deal with all the self-created input anymore, strain under all this pressure and the search for easy answers. Those don’t exist anymore. That’s when humans react with violence, with war, with destruction. Because you can start over when everything is obliterated. The only problem: At the end of this path of destruction stands humanity’s own annihilation.

There is a solution though, as there has been several times during humanity’s history: The expansion of human ability, in soul and spirit; an evolutionary leap.

That’s how it went with the birth of language, the creation of morals, religion… That’s what happened every time humanity stood at the edge of the abyss, and was saved. Or rather: saved itself. A few “chosen ones“ recognized their duty and accepted it.

Through this “leap” to a new level of knowledge and understanding humans could survive, as though their brains were suddenly activated to perform a new evolutionary step.

Today we are at the same crossroads. Now. In this moment. And one of our “chosen ones” is JAY-CEE…

Your application

Your application must include:

– CV & filmography/ or list of transmedia projects: 2 pages max.

– Letter of motivation: 1 page max.

– Mini-essay: “What is the biggest threat to humanity?” AND/OR “What would you do if you had to save the world?” 2 pages max.

– Work sample: 20 pages max. – can be an excerpt from a screenplay for a TV series or a feature film, a TV series concept, a transmedia or a game concept (only one work sample admitted)

All material must be submitted in English.

Please click on the following links to view the application guidelines and the general terms and requirements.
The deadline for all applications is January 16th, 2017.

Development process & creative team

The development work in the Writers‘ Room will take place over the course of two sessions in South Tyrol, each lasting for one week, as well as an individual writing phase in-between and after. Session 1 takes place from May 1-7, session 2 from June 12-18, 2017.

Our goal is a fully developed concept, including outlines of all episodes for the first season, a treatment and/or screenplay of the pilot and, in addition, a concept for the cross-platform narrative.

Our Writers’ Room will consist of 5 staff writers. The development process will be led by head writer Christian Jeltsch and by producer Simone Höller and development producer Anemone Müller for FFP New Media.

British writer & producer David Varela will consult the team as a transmedia expert. His credits include interactive storytelling for “Sherlock” and the Channel4-show “Hollyoacks”.

Program and experts

In addition to gaining hands-on development experience in their Writers’ Room, all writers will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive masterclasses with the international experts who are engaged in the other section of the RACCONTI Script Lab #6. Israeli producer Maria Feldman (“False Flag”), French producer Harold Valentin (“Dix Pour Cent”) and British story consultant/producer John Yorke (“Wolf Hall”) will offer the participants a first-hand insight into the development of successful international TV shows across all genres.

In these masterclasses as well as during other activities, the participants will meet and mingle with the writers, producers and experts of the other section, thus enjoying the excellent networking opportunities that RACCONTI offers.

The production company, FFP New Media

With an annual production volume of 8 x 90 minutes on average, FFP New Media is one of the leading TV and film production companies in Germany. The production company, based in Cologne and Munich, produces TV dramas, feature films, TV series and documentaries both at home and abroad. The company has developed successful formats such as the crime show “Beck”, the “Rosamunde Pilcher” and “Barbara Wood” films, as well as productions for children and young adults like “Famous Five” and “Captain Bluebeard”. One of their most recent productions, the award-winning TV drama “White Rabbit” about cyber grooming was in competition at the international TV festivals in La Rochelle, Emden and “Prix Europa” in Berlin. FFP New Media worked with US producers such as Saban Entertainment and Rosemont Entertainment, as well as international broadcasters including CBS and TNT.