RACCONTI #7 IDM Script Lab will again explore new approaches to storytelling for television and, for the first time, really enter the digital arena with a new creative think tank.

Split Screen

RACCONTI #7 IDM Script Lab will again explore new approaches to storytelling for television and, for the first time, really enter the digital arena with a new creative think tank. Under the motto SPLIT SCREEN writers have the opportunity to apply for two different sections of the program, which both have the same goal: to create an original concept for a TV series or a digital series in a team with other writers and producers and the support of international experts.

Writers can choose to apply either as staff writers to develop a TV series concept in a Writers’ Room under the guidance of a head writer OR as creators who will develop their own ideas for a digital series in our digital think tank. For the first time, RACCONTI explicitly encourages directors who want to work in digital formats to apply for this section!

In the Writers’ Room of RACCONTI # 7 a team of four screenwriters will flesh out a concept for a TV series in close collaboration with the Munich-based production company Lieblingsfilm. IDM is happy to announce that screenwriter Jana Burbach (“Die Heiland”,“Bad Banks”) will lead this room as a head writer and develop her new idea for a TV series, “Treeline” with the selected staff writers into a marketable concept and bible. British story consultant/producer John Yorke (“The Missing”) will consult the team and Italian screenwriter and story editor Nicola Lusuardi („1992“) will bring his expertise and perspective to the room as a guest lecturer.

The TV series targets the international market and the Writers’ Room will comprise writers from German and Italian speaking countries.

In the digital think tank up to seven writers/directors will have the opportunity to develop their own ideas for a digital series and to collaborate with each other on group projects in a writers’ room approach. The process will be guided by a team of 3 international mentors who bring their own hands on experience in the digital arena to the process: Polish writer/producer Wiktor Piatkowski (“Just Push Abuba”), French producer Mathieu van de Velde (“Patricia Moore”) and German producer Kristian Costa-Zahn (“Antarktika”).

By the end of the workshop, participants should master the grammar and grasp the creative potential of storytelling in digital formats. Supported by the mentors, writers will have developed marketable concepts for their digital series of which they remain the right holders. At the end of the workshop, the partnering production companies Bahama Films, Black Sheep Films and Endemol Shine Beyond will get a a time-limited first look right on all projects. After the workshop, all writers get the opportunity to present their projects to the industry at the RACCONTI closing event at a major festival in early 2019. The goal is to attract producers, VOD platforms or broadcasters to these projects and pave the way for our writers to get their projects produced.

At the same closing event, the team of the Writers’ Room and Lieblingsfilm will also present their TV series to the industry.

Dates and Facts

Deadline for applications for both sections is July 29, 2018.

Both sections of the program take place simultaneously under the roof of the RACCONTI IDM Script Lab and consist of two one-week workshops in South Tyrol and a writing phase in between and after.

Session 1 takes place from October 1-6, session 2 from November 19-24, 2018.

The working language is English.

Masterclasses of international experts are open to all participants.


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