Terms and Conditions

General terms

The RACCONTI IDM Script Lab #7 consists of two sections, please read the general terms and the specific requirements and terms for each section, carefully, since they differ.

Who can apply?

1) The RACCONTI IDM Script Lab #7 is open to professional and emerging screenwriters. In particular, we invite writers living in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland to apply. Writers from other countries, however, should not consider this a criterion for admission and so should not be deterred from submitting an application.

For this call professional/emerging screenwriters include:

  • Writers who are or were employed in the production of a TV or digital series
  • Writers whose material has already been filmed
  • Writers whose material has already been optioned by production companies and broadcasting stations
  • Directors with screenwriting experience
  • Graduates in screenwriting from film schools and/or alternative educational institutions

For the Digital Think Tank only, we also encourage writers and directors of short films.

The CV and filmography of the candidate are ultimately the deciding factors for the general eligibility.

2) Applicants must be at least 18 years old at the time of making the application.

3) All applicants must have a very good command of English since the RACCONTI IDM Script Lab will be held in English and the writing process will be performed in English.

4) Each candidate may apply for only ONE section of the Script Lab, either the Writers’ Room or the Digital Think Tank.

5) Applications that do not meet the formal requirements will not be considered.

6) Applications of writing teams will not be accepted for this edition of the Racconti Script Lab.

Terms and requirements for the Writers’ Room-section

7) Writers applying for the Writers’ Room in cooperation with Lieblingsfilm agree to work as a staff writer in the team with the head writer (Jana Burbach), who was chosen in advance by the production company, Lieblingsfilm, towards the continued development of an existing TV series concept (“Treeline”). The goal of this development is a fully developed concept, including outlines of all episodes for the first season.

7.1) The writers who participate in the RACCONTI #7 Writers’ Room will enter into an industry-standard, remunerative writer’s agreement with the production company Lieblingsfilm, as regards their participation, prior to the commencement of the Writers’ Room. It is solely the responsibility of the production company to draw up these contracts.

7.2) Participation in the RACCONTI IDM Script Lab #7 implies no automatic right to further collaboration on the respective series project after the conclusion of the program.

Terms and requirements for the Digital Think Tank

8) Writers/directors applying to this section participate in a script lab, where they will be creating and developing their own ideas for a digital series with the help of mentors from the industry. Optionally, participants can also collaborate with colleagues in the lab and develop a project together.

9) There are no formal restrictions regarding the genre, format or location of the digital series concepts that the participants will develop.

10) The goal for all participants is to develop a marketable digital series concept, consisting of: a short concept (5 pages) and treatment/or screenplay of the pilot. Date of delivery: after the end of the 2nd session (by the end of 2018).

11) Intellectual Property: Participants are considered as creators of their own material. All rights to any concepts developed by the writers/directors during the workshop in the think tank will remain with the writers/directors. A potential option or transfer of rights will be specifically agreed in a contract between the writers/directors and a respective production company.

12) All participants agree to grant a limited first look right to the partnering production companies of the think tank: Black Sheep, Bahama Films and Endemol Shine Beyond. This first look is limited to 8 weeks (from the time of delivery).

13) After the workshops, all participants get the opportunity and agree to pitch their projects at the RACCONTI closing event at a major festival in early 2019. Also those participants whose projects have been optioned by the time by producers, broadcasters or VOD-platforms should pitch their projects at this event, if possible.

What does it cost?

14) There is no charge to participate in the RACCONTI IDM Script Lab#7. The organizers bear the costs of lodging with full board, and any potential supplementary programs during the two workshops. The participants themselves bear only the travel expenses and personal expenses. In addition, free shuttle buses will be provided from airports in Innsbruck and Munich and the train station in Bolzano, which will take the participants directly to the venue in South Tyrol/Alto Adige.

Please note that participants are also expected to bear the travel expenses and lodging (1 night) for the participation at the closing event in 2019, at a festival, yet to be announced. IDM will support all participants to find a low budget accommodation.

15) Participation in the RACCONTI IDM Script Lab #7 cannot be paid in cash, is not for sale, and is not transferable to other persons

Data privacy protection

16) IDM asserts that the submitted applications and work samples will be made available only to persons who are directly involved in the selection process.

17) The applicants agree that, in the event of their participation in the lab, their profiles and pictures may be published on the IDM website and that they will make available to IDM appropriate materials for PR purposes and press articles.

18) The Personal Data you will provide shall be used exclusively for the purpose of the registration for and execution of an event and shall not be passed on to third parties. Providing these details is a prerequisite for your participation. By registering, the registering person declares their consent to the processing of their Personal Data pursuant to the Regulation (EU) 679/2016. Failure to grant consent may result in rendering participation in the event in question impossible. The event will be photographed and possibly documented in audio-visual form. The photographs taken may subsequently be published on the IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige website and social media channels as well as in print and online trade publications. Any publication shall be exclusively in the context of and in connection with the event. Please note that the photographs will be available worldwide when published on the internet. By registering for an event, you grant your consent for photographs to be taken and used pursuant to the applicable Art Copyright Act. The declaration of consent shall apply from the date of registration until the moment you leave the event. You may withdraw this declaration of consent at any time with future effect. Any such withdrawal shall result in published photographs being removed from IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige’s online presence and no other photographs being published. Deletion of the photographs from the online presence after receipt of your withdrawal may take a few workdays. For published group pictures, subsequent withdrawal of an individual person’s consent shall not automatically result in the picture having to be removed.