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Call for staff writers

Together with our partner, the production company Lieblingsfilm we are launching a call for writers who want to join the Writers’ Room as staff writers to collaborate in the development process of a TV series (“Treeline”) with German screenwriter Jana Burbach (“Die Heiland”, “Bad Banks”, Just push Abuba”) who will lead the room as a head writer.

We are looking for professional and emerging screenwriters. Candidates should be open-minded, curious and dedicated to tell an original story with a female lead. An affinity for the genre – a drama with thriller elements – is helpful, but it is more important to bring your own worldview to this project and to let it be challenged in the Writers’ Room.

Writers should be open and motivated to working with other writers and creatives from German and Italian-speaking countries and with us as a production company, towards the goal of developing a high quality concept for a TV series for an international audience.

Excellent English skills, a team spirit and the willingness to work in an international environment with other writers, our consultant and us as producers are absolute musts for this position.

Lieblingsfilm will compensate participating staff writers for their work at standard industry rates.

Headwriter Jana Burbach on the project “Treeline”

Genre: Female driven drama

Format: 6x 50

The Treeline is an exclusive, luxurious and remote retreat in an alpine panorama. Cut off from the rest of the world, a global elite can relax and forget their troubles, fears and anxieties here, serviced by a huge staff. Frida Seegers (30) gets hired as a cleaning lady. She soon learns that Treeline’s former resident psycho-analyst committed suicide. While Frida becomes obsessed with finding out the circumstances of this death, her colleagues as well as the director of Treeline begin to wonder about her: she seemingly has no past, no belongings and is clearly not a regular cleaning lady. What then is she doing here, far above the treeline?

Your application

Your application must include:

– CV & filmography: 2 pages max.

– Letter of motivation: 1 page max.

– A short text about fear or anxiety. Can be an essay, anecdote, a list, anything: 2 pages max.

– Work sample: 20 pages max. – can be an excerpt from a screenplay for a TV series or a feature film, or a TV series concept (only one work sample admitted)

All material must be submitted in English.

Please click on the following links to view the application guidelines and the general terms and requirements.

The deadline for all applications is July 29, 2018.

Click here for the application form.

Development process & creative team

The development work in the Writers‘ Room will take place over the course of two sessions in South Tyrol, each lasting for one week, as well as an individual writing phase in-between and after. Session 1 takes place from October 1-6, session 2 from November 19-24, 2018.

Our goal is a fully developed concept, including outlines of all episodes for the first season.

Our Writers’ Room will consist of 3 staff writers. The development process will be led by head writer Jana Burbach and by producers Robert Marciniak, Philipp Budweg and Julia Rappold for Lieblingsfilm.

British story consultant & producer John Yorke will consult the team. Another guest expert in the room will be renowned Italian screenwriter and story editor Nicola Lusuardi (“Una pallottola nel cuore”, “1992”).

In addition to gaining hands-on development experience in their Writers’ Room, all writers will have the opportunity to participate in the masterclasses with experts who are engaged in the other section of the RACCONTI Script Lab #7 such as Kristian Costa-Zahn (Director Creation & Innovation, Endemol Shine Beyond) and Audience Designer Nicola Gallio.

In these masterclasses as well as during other activities, the participants will meet and mingle with the writers, producers and experts of the other section, thus enjoying the excellent networking opportunities that RACCONTI offers.

The production company, Lieblingsfilm

LIEBLINGSFILM GMBH is a Munich based film production company with a focus on high quality feature films for the national as well as international market. Besides developing original film projects, the company also specialises in adapting existing literature for the big screen. Lieblingsfilm​ not only focuses on cinema, but also on TV films and series for both ​national and international distributors.

Lieblingsfilm has produced a wealth of feature films, among them the bestseller adaption Rubinrot (Ruby Red) and the German Film Prize award winning children’s films Wintertochter (Winter’s Daughter) and Amelie rennt („Mountain Miracle – an unexspected friendship“). Currently in post-production is a biopic about the football legend Bert Trautmann, LIEBLINGSFILM first english spoken international feature film, starring DAVID KROSS, FREYA MAVOR, JOHN HENSHAW. The  Webseries Willkommen bei Familie Clown (Wellcome to the Clown Family) has just been completed.