This year RACCONTI #8 | IDM Script Lab explores new approaches to storytelling for television and focuses on new settings, working on the pilot of TV series projects to be shot in South Tyrol.

Call for projects

RACCONTI #8 | IDM Script Lab explores new approaches to storytelling for television providing the chance to work both on the pilot episode and on new branches linked to the aesthetic projects development, such as Production Design and Audience Design.

Applying for this program, the candidates aim at the development of original concepts for TV series and attempt to write the pilot episode, as a part of a team, supported by international experts. All the screenplay projects will be, in fact, realized under the guidance of a group tutor and consulted by international experts in Production- and Audience-Design to meet then the industry.

Participants will mainly work in group sessions, during which they will discuss their work and develop their projects in collaboration with the other participants.

One-to-one meetings with high- profile international experts will run throughout the whole length of the script lab, in order to encourage the attendees‘ creative process and let them to conceive with strong stories.

Three teams will be selected for the program and have the opportunity to develop their own TV series, collaborating together with a writers’ room approach. The process will be guided by international mentors, who will bring their own hands on experience to the process.

Tutors and experts will work under the supervision of Nicola Lusuardi, Head of Study for this new edition of RACCONTI #8 | IDM Script Lab.

By the end of the workshop, participants are expected to present their TV series mini-bible and the script of their pilot episode.

The workshop ends with a pitching session at a major festival in early 2020, where production companies will get a first look on all projects. The goal is to attract producers (in case the project has no production agreement in place) or to find co-producers, investors, VOD platforms, broadcasters willing to join the production company that owns the rights of the project.

Dates and Facts

RACCONTI #8 | IDM Script Lab consists in two workshops in South Tyrol, lasting one week each, and in an individual writing phase in-between and after the brainstorming sessions.

Session 1 takes place from 18th to 22nd of September 2019, Session 2 from 11th to 15th November 2019.

English is the official language for the script lab. The masterclasses are open to all participants. However, writers and/or directors must apply for this call as a duo. The projects submitted for the application can already have a producer, but not mandatory.

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