Call for projects

We are launching a call for projects for our RACCONTI #8 | IDM Script Lab.

We are looking for professional and emerging screenwriters and directors, who are willing to work together on ideas able to meet markets’ requirements and attract potential partners.

Ideal candidates are open-minded, curious and ready to discuss their own ideas with high-profile tutors and creative teams of talented writers.

Excellent English skills, team spirit and willingness to work in an international environment are absolute must-have for this position.

Your application

The call is open to participants coming from all over the world.

In order to apply, writers/directors have to submit the following material in PDF:

  • CVs of all participants (max 1 page per participant)
  • a concept description (max 7.500 characters, spaces included)
  • an outline of the pilot episode (max 4.500 characters, spaces included)
  • a brief video presentation (1 per team, max 3’)
  • a brief document in which authors explain how the project is linked to South Tyrol territory
  • 15 pages maximum of a sample script

All material must be submitted in English.

Click here for the application form.

Please click on the following links to view the application guidelines and the general terms and requirements.

The deadline for all applications is May 31st, 2019.

Development process & creative team

The development work in the RACCONTI #8 | IDM Script Lab will take place over the course of two sessions in South Tyrol, lasting one week each.  The script lab includes individual writing phases in-between and after the workshop, too. Session 1 takes place from 18th to 22nd of September 2019, session 2 from 11th to 15th November 2019. The workshop locations and dates are subject to change, and will be communicated to participants with due notice.

Our goal is to deliver the mini-bible and the pilot episode script for each project.

The room will consist of 3 groups of two people each. The development process will be led by a tutor.