About RACCONTI Local Plus

The current program RACCONTI Local Plus is aimed primarily at emerging producers and writers, who have the opportunity to undergo basic training in dramaturgy and production through practical work on their concept for a short film. They have the chance to discuss their projects with other film professionals and to develop them further with guidance from industry experts.

After two workshop sessions focusing on dramaturgy and production the projects Stato di Gloria by Matteo Vegetti and Sarah Trevisiol, and Angst by Daniel A. Wunderer (producer Daniel Defranceschi) have been selected as the winners by a jury and received a cash prize, towards production costs of the short films. The project Der Wolf written by Benjamin Thum and produced by Martin Reifer also received a special mention. During pre-production and shooting the creative teams will once again be guided by selected supervisors; a final workshop will close the program and this will provide a further insight into the fields of editing and distribution.

The final short films will be officially presented in spring 2017.

Applications for RACCONTI Local Plus should be made by the writer/director and producer in tandem. At least one of the candidates should be from South Tyrol.