About RACCONTI | Local Talent

The 2015 RACCONTI Local Talent was the first initiative to explicitly seek out writing talent from South Tyrol, asking local writers to submit a concept for a feature film.

The four writers selected were then given focused support over the course of one year and took part in two communal workshops. In addition to this each of them received personal mentoring from an experienced dramaturge.

Under this professional guidance these film concepts were able to blossom into convincing treatments which were then presented to potential producers at the end of the INCONTRI Lab! co-production conference.

More information on the 2015 edition of RACCONTI Local Talent can be found in the following PDF. As the program focused on South Tyrolian authors the information is provided in German and Italian.

RACCONTI Local Talent Data and Facts_DE

RACCONTI Local Talent Data and Facts_IT