Interview with RACCONTI #1 participant Caterina Carone („Fräulein – Una fabia d’inverno“)


RACCONTI #4 | “International. Extremely worthwhile. Mind-opening”

Interview with RACCONTI #4 participant Roberto Gagnor („Sommer auf dem Land“ „Il numero di Sharon“)

Roberto Gagnor offers curiousities, anecdotes and an insider’s perspective on RACCONTI #4.

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RACCONTI – Interview – Roberto Gagnor


RACCONTI #4 | “An unforgettable Experience!”

Interview with RACCONTI #4 participant Tillmann Roth („Die Null“)

What really happens in the South Tyrolean Film Fund RACCONTI’s Script Lab ? How can one begin to imagine the collective development work on a topic in the Writers‘ Room? Tillmann Roth, who participated in RACCONTI #4 last year, answers these questions.

Download the full interview:

RACCONTI – Interview – Tilmann Roth