After a successful meetup in Rome, the RACCONTI Alumni were invited to meet once more in Munich on Monday, the 27th of June, when the München Filmfest brought many professionals to the Bavarian capital. In the morning, the writers met at the Vorhoelzer Forum in the Tecnical University Munich, where the veterans and more recent alumni mingled. After a quick introductry round the writers were teamed up for two rounds of speed dating where they shared their current projects and lessons learned. Following that, the writers got together into groups of four and were tasked to develop a series pitch in 30 minutes. Those pitches were than presented to the plenum. After all that hard work, the writers moved outside to the sunny terrace for a Weißwurst lunch.

At 1400 the Alumni were invited to the IDM reception in the Goldene Bar at the Haus der Kunst for further networking opportunities and one-on-one meetings with selected producers.